ABYSSIC is a unique symbiosis of atmospheric approaches in funeral death/doom, with black and prog influences. The signature is enhanced by orchestrations with Mellotron, Minimoog and Upright Bass.

ABYSSIC is a result of a collaboration between Memnock (Susperia, Antiqva), Elvorn (Susperia) and André Aaslie (Funeral, Images At Twilight, Gromth, Omnia Moritur & Profane Burial) and together with Asgeir Mickelson (Ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn) they recorded the debut album ‘A Winter’s Tale’ in February 2016 (Osmose Productions).

Later 2016 Tjodalv (Susperia, Ex-Dimmu Borgir, Old Man`s Child) and Makhashanah (Henriette Bordvik) (Asagraum (Live), Ex-Sirenia) joined ABYSSIC, and together with Memnock, Elvorn and Aaslie they bring you the ABYSSIC darkness.

ABYSSIC will release their opus II “High The Memory” February 22nd 2019 through Osmose Productions.


Memnock: Vocals/Contrabass/Bass
Elvorn: Guitars
André Aaslie: Keys/Orchestration
Tjodalv: Drums
Makhashanah: Bass


“A Winter’s Tale” (2016) Get it from Osmose here.
“High The Memory” Release 22/2/2019. Preorder from Osmose here.

Abyssic facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/abyssicofficial/